Hansen & Hamacher was established at the beginning of 1990, in the southern part of Jutland, centre of the Danish boating industry, and close to the town of Kolding.

The main emphasis was put on running and standing rigging. And an occasional mast was made.

In 1992 we bought a rival company, and thereby achieved the agency for one of the worlds biggest mast factories:  Z-SPARS in France. The masts are produced in our own factory, using the vast variety of mast profiles from Z-SPARS.

In 1993 we were encouraged to produce rod rigging. We have since then supplied more than 800 rod riggings. The main part to Denmark, but we also see a constantly growing export.

As we straighten the rod ourselves, we now also supply rod to riggers all over Europe.

Since 1998 we represent SAILTEC, USA.  SAILTEC produces the high quality hydraulics we need to supply our customers with a complete rigging package.

The best of furling systems: PROFURL was offered us in 1999. And we have  proudly represented PROFURL since then.

Our goal is to work close together with our customers.  To make sure that the rig we supply, suits the purpose, whether it is a high performance “racer”, a “class boat” or a “cruiser”.